Basic Recovery and Trail Gear – Made Easy

***Basic Tool Box:*** Can be as extensive or as minimal as you wish.
Here is an example of jobs, and tools needed, you may need to perform on the trail – (Sizes vary – make sure you have the tools for *Your* specific vehicle) Tools Listed are correct for a 2009 Jeep Wrangler JK

1.Remove Brakes 15mm 21mm

2.U-joint replacement 15mm socket / hammer / needle nose pliers

3.Remove driveshaft 8mm Allen wrench, 15 mm socket or wrench

4.Adjust tie rod 15mm socket or wrench

5.Adjust Drag link 15mm socket or wrench

6.Remove tie rod end 18mm socket and hammer

7.Remove wheels speed sensor 5 or 8mm allen wrench

8.Hub socket 29mm or 1 1/8 (I think)

9.Socket or wrench to remove front and rear shocks 15mm and 18mm

10.Socket to remove sway links 18mm

11. Spark plug socket 5/8”

**Set of Chock Blocks**

**Good Set of Jumper/Booster Cables 2 gauge wire or larger**
**Fire Extinguisher**
Link to the video I was referring to about the “Element” Fire Extinguisher
**20-30ft Tow Strap 2-3″ wide**
**6″ Tree Saver**
**Snatch Block (Pulley)**
**2 – 3/4″ Shackles (D-Rings)**
**Small Shovel or Survival Shovel**
**Hi-Lift Jack and Mud/Sand Base**
**Winch Line Dampener**
**CB Radio, Hand Held Radio, communication device if your Cell doesn’t have reception.

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