1941 – Ford GPW

Ford GPW

During WWII, the Ford GPW and Willys MB played a powerful role in increasing the efficiency and mobility of the US Army, adopting distinctive features, some recognizable even today, that would continue to influence the design and silhouette of the modern “sport utility vehicle”. Soon to become the ubiquitous, world-famous jeep, the Willys MB and Ford GPW models were very effective on the ground, with many standardized features such as 6.00×16 tires, 60 honest horsepower at 4,000 rpm, a gasoline can bracket on the left rear, provision for trailer lights, spark interference suppression, a blackout light system, twin top bows and sealed spring shackles.



The Last GPW Jeep Produced by Ford during World War II, 1945.

The sign indicates it was Number: 93,389 – Serial Number: 20748944