1941 – Willys MA

1941 Willys MA

The 1941 Willys MA, “M” for “Military”, model “A,” were sturdy jeep prototypes built for testing prior to US participation in WWII.
Production began on June 5th, 1941 and around 1,555 Willys MAs were built and delivered to the Army Quartermaster Corps. Out of this number, 50 were built with four-wheel steering. Few remain, as most of those produced were subsequently sent to Russia or England under the Lend-Lease program.
On July 23rd 1941, after much controversy and behind the scenes maneuvering by the bidders, the War Department awarded the 1/4-ton truck production contract to Willys-Overland based on their Willys MA design and their low bid of $738.74.
Out of approximately 45 known 1941 Willys MAs in the world, an estimated 27 are restored. Of the 27 restored vehicles, eight are thought to be in the U.S.
The 1941 Willys MA seen today is the rarest of the Jeep Collection.
  • Headlights on top of fender
  • Willys embossed on top of grille
  • Windshield folds down
  • Vertical slats
  • 3 speed transmission shifter on column
  • Parking brake is in dash rather than on floor
  • Two circular instrument clusters on dashboard