1981 – 1986 Jeep CJ10/CJ10A

1981-1985 Jeep CJ10

Whenever you hear about an old Jeep pickup truck, you’re likely rewarded with seeing a Gladiator or maybe a Jeep Comanche. You probably won’t see someone pull the cover back on something like this — a CJ-10. According to Fouwheeler, the CJ-10’s platform is based on its half-ton Gladiator brother but was “altered considerably” by the time it hit production. https://www.autoweek.com/news/a1703131/jeep-cj10-rare-jeep-pickup-you-need/

American Motors planned for two CJ-10 varients — 5,900 GVW and 6,700 GVW, effectively meaning a medium-duty and heavy-duty version. The CJ-10 also had the choice of three engines — a 151 cid I4 gas engine, a 258 cid I6 gas engine and a 3.3-liter I6 diesel built by Nissan.

These odd pickups saw use around the world but weren’t a runaway success. The Jeep CJ-10 even served time as an aircraft tug, in two-wheel-drive form, until total production stopped in 1986. During its short production run, 1981-86, the CJ-10 bounced around to different factories. The CJ-10 started its production in South Bend, Indiana, before moving south to Vehiculos Automores Mexicanos in 1983. The two-wheel-drive tugs were assembled in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.



1984-1986 CJ10A “Tug”

Nowadays a diesel powered Jeep is not that difficult to obtain but what about back in i986? During the height of the cold war around 2300 of these unique CJ variant Jeeps were produced by AMC. They were designed for the USAF to move equipment tugs and aircraft. A six cylinder Nissan diesel (the very same used by International in the Scout) was dropped under between the square fenders and behind the ten slat front grill. A simple three speed automatic transmission was bolted to a transfer case permanently locked in low range to help give more grunt to these little Jeeps than the tiny Nissan could produced on its own. With heavy front and rear bumpers and 2000 pounds of ballast in the rear these little trucks topped the scale at 6000 pounds with a final tow capacity of about 21 tons. Yikes! http://dailydieseldose.com/jeep-cj10a-diesel-powered-jeep/