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The contents of the video are almost ALL of the current maintenance and installation videos within the It’s a Jeep World YouTube Channel.

Death Wobble Prevention – A Simple and Effective Suspension Inspection

Front ends shakes, wobbles, shimmies and the dreaded Death Wobble. These have been going on since steering was invented and has worsened with the incorporation of coil spring suspensions. Prevention is the key to any well maintained Jeep. Preventive Maintenance and Routine Inspections and not of just the Stereo Equipment. We used a Floor Jack, …

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Jeep Wrangler Front Shock Removal and Replacement

How to remove and replace your front shocks on most Jeeps, specifically a 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler JKU. This procedure is very similar for all Jeep Wranglers. Top Nut 14mm wrench 7mm wrench to hold the shock strut so it doesn’t turn. Bottom Bolt and Nut 18mm Wrench and socket

JKU Draglink End Remove and Replace

Do It Yourself – How to Remove and Replace a Drag Link End on a Jeep Wrangler

Transcript 00:15 okay so our next little job tie rod end   00:20 the tie rod end   00:24 you can go on the end of the drag link   00:26 at the pitman arm or either side of the   00:32 tie rod and it’s normally this this part   00:36 right here is …

Jeep JKU Rear Shock Install

Do It Yourself – How To Jeep JKU Rear Shock Install

    Video Transcript   00:00 all right so here we go again tonight 00:03 we’re doing shocks this is a rear shock 00:06 for my JK you back here Jake through 00:10 there 00:11 Deutsche Tech shocks gonna stick around 00:15 here somewhere 00:16 Deutsch deck there from iron Rock 00:22 off-road in Minnesota …