Jeeps are NOT a “Hobby”. Jeeping is NOT a “Hobby”. It is called “JeepLife” for a reason.

If you let it, the “JeepLife” and the freedom, fun, camaraderie, and fellowship it can bring you, will change your out look on life, love and your happiness. 

Never being far from someone with the same interests as you have “Jeep”. Is a very comforting thought. Being able to walk up to someone whom you have never met before and have something to talk about “Jeep” is exciting.

Jeepers are always willing to help other Jeepers with Jeep related things.

We as a Jeep Family, as with every family, have issues some of ours are:

Willys, CJ, VJ, DJ, FC, FJ, SJ, C101, C104, XJ, MJ, YJ, ZJ, TJ, LJ, WJ, KJ, WK, XK, JK, JKU, MK, KK, BU, KL or JL. 

Every one of them is the best and the worst, depending on who in the family you talk to. So being a member of this Family requires you to have thick skin, ability to handle sarcasm, joking, and harassment about your Jeep. 

But Our Issues are also Our Strengths.

#JeepLife #JeepFamily


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