A Step by Step Complete Disassembly and Rebuild of a Grand Wagoneer Power Mirror Controller Switch

This is a complete tear down, clean and rebuild of a 1987 Grand Wagoneer Power Mirror Controller Switch. I was able to make the switch work again. The weak link is the center section which the adjusting knob is pressed into, this piece is made of a material that is brittle and over time and use cracks and breaks apart, rendering the adjusting knob useless because it is no longer attached. This might work for your controller switch or similar controller switches, it also might not.

Chevy 14 Bolt Full Float Axle Disassembly

I specifically did not use air tools, to show the process. A lot of people only have basic tools and this can be accomplished with standard tools. See List below. This is a 9 min time-lapse video of the 1 1/2 hrs it took to completely strip down and disassembly of a 2009 Chevy Full Floating 14B rear axle for my One (1) Ton Axle swap into my 2009 JKU.

Jeep Build Walk around

The contents of the video are almost ALL of the current maintenance and installation videos within the It’s a Jeep World YouTube Channel.

How To – JK/JKU Fuel Tank Relocation / TJ Fuel Tank Swap

Compliments Riley Harshman the Owner of the Jeep and who provided the information, check out his WAYALIFE Thread “Birth of Phoenix” The main question you have to ask yourself when researching this swap, “Do you go with a Fuel cell, aftermarket tank or do the TJ fuel tank swap?” A Fuel Cell takes up needed …

Jeep Wrangler JKU Hardtop Removal Tips

Explanation of what you need to do to actually be able to remove your freedom top panels and hardtop. Bolts to remove, levers to move, latches to unlatch, connectors to disconnect, etc.. This video has a hoist system which is used. Manual removal is explained as well.Shout outs to https://www.facebook.com/IG4wlusa/, https://www.sevenslotsociety.com/, http://onthetrailpodcast.com/ w/Kevin and Scott. …

Keep It Simple, a Guide for Wheel Backspace and Offset

So easy a Jeeper Figured it out. What is Wheel Offset and Backspace? Wheel offset and backspacing two different ways of looking at same thing. Determines the location of the wheel and tire assembly when bolted onto the wheel hub. They determine how far in or out the wheel and tire sit. Why is it …