How To – JK/JKU Fuel Tank Relocation / TJ Fuel Tank Swap

Compliments Riley Harshman the Owner of the Jeep and who provided the information, check out his WAYALIFE Thread “Birth of Phoenix”

The main question you have to ask yourself when researching this swap, “Do you go with a Fuel cell, aftermarket tank or do the TJ fuel tank swap?”

Old Tank Out and Ready for the Flat Belly Option

A Fuel Cell takes up needed space in the cargo area. Aftermarket tanks can cost up to like $2000 or something like that so the decision was made to do the TJ fuel tank option. After more research, if you use the 2005-2006 tank then you can hook up all the emissions and have no Check Engine Light (CEL) (if that even matters to you). Also it’s a 19 gal tank and you use the JK pump. Looked easy enough, so here we go.

Make sure you wear proper safety equipment for grinding and cutting
Make sure you wear proper safety equipment for grinding and cutting
That normally doesn’t get used anyhow…
Suitable fabricating beverage

The TJ Fill neck points right towards the fuel door. Hardest part will be modifying the JK fill neck.

It fits perfectly and doesn’t sit much lower than the muffler would have

A beefier skid plate will be later. The TJ tank is deeper than the JK tank so the fuel pump needs to be extended. This was accomplished with the GenRight JK Factory Fuel Pump Extension Kit $59 (

Don’t need to be running around at 1/4 tank anyhow

The rest of the lines are easy to adapt and hook up. Autozone has everything you need to hook it all up.

Quickly threw a patch panel together. Easily removable and strong enough to support the spare tire.
Another side note, the exhaust needs to be redone. You can no longer go over the axle. Tailpipe was cut off at the muffler…

We will see what kind of damage it gets once it gets off-road and start crawling. Everything works. No leaks, no codes.

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