A Step by Step Complete Disassembly and Rebuild of a Grand Wagoneer Power Mirror Controller Switch

This is a complete tear down, clean and rebuild of a 1987 Grand Wagoneer Power Mirror Controller Switch. I was able to make the switch work again. The weak link is the center section which the adjusting knob is pressed into, this piece is made of a material that is brittle and over time and use cracks and breaks apart, rendering the adjusting knob useless because it is no longer attached. This might work for your controller switch or similar controller switches, it also might not.

Please be careful when doing any electrical work, disconnect the battery when not actually manipulating the controller (That’s my safety warning)

Tools used:
Small Flat tip Screw Driver
Small Cross Tip Screw Driver
1/16″ Allen Head Wrench
Dielectric Grease
Super Glue
Wire Brushes and Steel Wool
Digital Multi-Meter