Do It Yourself – Simple Step by Step Instructions on How to Remove and Replace The Oil Filter / Cooler Assembly on your 2012 and Newer Jeep Wrangler using common tools

Parts Recommended:Upper and Lower Intake Gaskets – MS97204Oil Filter/Cooler Housing – 68105583AE Tools Required: 8mm Socket 10mm Socket Ratchet 3” and 6” extensions Body Clip Tool T20 Torx T30 Torx E8 (External) Torx Small flat tip screwdriver Standard Pliers Wide Tape to cover intake ports Brake Cleaner or similar, to clean intake and oil filter/cooler […]

Do It Yourself – How to Remove and Replace a Hub Bearing on a 2007 – 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

This is the removal and replacement of a 2009 JKU Passenger side Hub Bearing. This video starts after you have already raised the Jeep and supported it properly with jack stands and removed the tire. This procedure should work for many other years and models of Jeep. 1987-2018. There will be slight variations in the […]