Do It Yourself – Simple Step by Step Instructions on How to Remove and Replace The Oil Filter / Cooler Assembly on your 2012 and Newer Jeep Wrangler using common tools

Parts Recommended:
Upper and Lower Intake Gaskets – MS97204
Oil Filter/Cooler Housing – 68105583AE

Tools Required:

  1. 8mm Socket
  2. 10mm Socket
  3. Ratchet
  4. 3” and 6” extensions
  5. Body Clip Tool
  6. T20 Torx
  7. T30 Torx
  8. E8 (External) Torx
  9. Small flat tip screwdriver
  10. Standard Pliers
  11. Wide Tape to cover intake ports
  12. Brake Cleaner or similar, to clean intake and oil filter/cooler housing port surfaces

Procedural Steps:

  1. Remove Plastic Engine Cover – Lift and pull forward
  2. Remove Air Box Components (8mm socket or Flat Tip Screwdriver, 10mm socket, 3″ and 6″ extensions) Including one (1) clip on the bottom of the Air Box hose assembly
  3. Remove upper intake bolts (3- 8mm capture bolts)
  4. Remove (3) lines on passenger (right) side of upper intake
  5. Remove the (2) Vent lines on from of the upper intake
  6. Remove 2 plastic body clips (on back of the upper intake)
  7. Remove (4) T20 torx bolts on the bottom of the upper intake
  8. Remove foam from behind the upper intake at firewall
  9. Remove (2) 10mm nuts on driver side rear of upper intake
  10. Unplug the Map Sensor – In front of the Oil Fill Tube.
  11. Remove electrical connector on the bottom of the throttle body opening
  12. Using a body tool remove (3) wiring clips used to secure the Map Sensor wiring
  13. Remove (1) connector and (1) clip on the bottom of the Throttle Body housing
  14. Remove (2) 10mm nuts below the Map Sensor
  15. Remove (2) 10mm bolts holding wiring connector on passenger side
  16. Remove (2) 10mm heater line mounting nuts
  17. Remove Vent hose behind Map Sensor location
  18. Remove (2) clips on rear of the upper intake on the passenger side
  19. Remove upper intake – pull towards passenger side and upper intake will lift upwards and out
  20. Remove foam on top of driver side spark plugs
  21. Using a T30 Torx driver remove (4) bolts holding fuel rails on the engine
  22. Unplug the fuel injectors on the passenger side and remove the fuel injectors on the driver side

The injectors and/or the O-Rings may stay in the manifold or fuel rail when removing the fuel rails

23. Carefully remove the fuel rails from the passenger side fuel injectors and then the driver side fuel injectors.
24. Lay both fuel rails to the driver side out of the way.
25. Using a 8mm socket or T20 Torx remove the (8) capture bolts holding the lower intake to the engine

1 bolt is hidden under he previously removed bracket on the passenger side

There is a wiring harness attached to the back of the lower intake with a ziptie clip

26. Carefully remove the lower intake, check for additional wiring on the back of the manifold
27. Using a E8 external torx driver or 1/4″ 12-point socket remove the 5 torx bolts holding the oil filter/cooler housing to the engine

Suggest cleaning the gasket surfaces before reassembly and cover the intake ports until reassembly as to not get anything inside the engine. Wide painters take is very effective

28. Maneuver the oil filter/cooler housing up and out, once free of the engine unplug the wiring for the oil pressure sensor and Oil Temperature Sending unit on the back of the housing and the pinch clamp for the cooling line
29. Clean out all old oil from the oil filter/cooler housing mounting valley.
30. Lube the o-rings on the new oil filter/cooler housing for easier assembly
31. Re-install the cooler hose using a standard pliers

Some manipulation of the housing is required to get it back into the mounts.
The block side intake manifold openings are very sharp, be careful not to get cut

32. Install Cooling Line onto the Oil Filter/Cooler Housing
33. Connect the Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure wiring to the Oil Filter/Cooler Housing
34. Install new oil filter/cooler housing
35. Oil filter/cooler mounting bolts are torqued to 106 in lbs in a pattern starting from driver side rear, the driver side front, passenger side rear, passenger side front and the very front being torqued last.
36. Reinstall the lower intake manifold using new intake gaskets
37. Use dielectric or silicone based lubricant on the injector o-rings to more easily install them, plug injectors back in and seat firmly
38. Using the same lubricant lightly lube the fuel rail injector connections
39. Re-install the fuel rails with driver side first then passenger side. The Fuel rail and injector have slots, so they fit properly, make sure you line these slots up with each injector so they are seated properly.  

Torque Fuel Rails to 62 in lbs
Lower Manifold bolts – 106 in lbs
Upper to lower intake bolts – 106 in lbs
Upper Manifold bolts – 89 in lbs –

Torque Sequence (Front #1, Back #2, Middle #3)
Wiring connector bracket bolts 89 in lbs

40.Reassemble the rest of the components in reverse sequence from when they were removed.

This is a 3-4hr job including thorough cleaning of all components

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