Do It Yourself – How to JK/JKU Ball Joint Replacement

JK/JKU Ball Joint Replacement DIY


JK and JKU Ball joints are prone to wear and tear/abuse as soon as you lift the Jeep and add big tires. This procedure uses Teraflex Adjustable ball joints, the basic procedure for removal and installation are the same. Slight differences on the lower installation and adjustment, as long as you follow the instructions provided with the ball joints and use the proper tools, everything should be ok. This procedure will be very similar on other Wrangler Models and Years.

My Tool List: (You may choose to use other methods)

  • Jack Stands
  • Some Sort of Jack Bungee Cord
  • 7mm wrench
  • 21 mm rench
  • 2.5mm Allen (Hex) wrench
  • 5mm Allen (Hex) wrench
  • 3/8″ 12 point socket
  • 3/8″ Ratchet
  •  22mm socket, 1/2″ drive
  • 27mm socket, 1/2″ drive
  • 32 mm Deep Socket, 1/2″ drive
  • 36mm socket, 1/2″ drive
  • 7/8″ socket, 1/2″ drive
  • drive ratchet or breaker bar, 1/2″ drive
  • 1/2″ drive torque wrench
  • 1/4″ drive torque wrench
  • Crowbar
  • Large Punch
  • Hammer
  • Wire Brush
  • Needle nose or Diagonal Pliers
  • Pickle Fork
  • Large Ball Joint service Kit (Must include the Beveled adapter)
  • Grease gun and grease
  • Anti-seize lubricant

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